LP: K40Y-9 .015uF/.022uF (long shaft)

Vintage Relic Les Paul pre-wired upgrade harness (NOS K40Y-9 .015uF/.022 uF caps). A very economical way to improve the tone of your LP! Direct replacement for your USA Les Paul Standard, Traditional, Classic and other Les Pauls which use LONG shaft pots. Hear what you've been missing from your humbuckers!

• 4 USA CTS500 550K (+/- 10% tolerance) knurled long shaft audio taper potentiometers (2 volume, 2 tone). Top of the line CTS pots! We do measure all pots and use higher values for the volume positions.

• 2 NOS (new old stock) Russian K40Y-9 PIO (paper-in-oil) tone capacitors. .015uF for the neck and .022uF for the bridge (you may request .022uF for the neck). Great sounding caps! Same as the Luxe caps except for the cosmetics.

• 50's style wiring.

• Wiring diagram included!

Please note: this kit is designed for Gibson Les Paul's that use LONG shaft pots (Gibson USA Standard, etc and Gibson LPs made after 1977). Also, CTS pots require a 3/8" hole (in the top of your guitar); most USA made guitars are drilled this way, however imported guitars often are not.


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