SG: K40Y-9 .015uF/.022uF (short shaft)

Vintage Relic SG pre-wired upgrade harness (NOS K40Y-9 caps). A very economical way to improve the tone of your SG!  Hear what you've been missing from your humbuckers!

• 4 USA CTS500 550K (+/- 10% tolerance) knurled short shaft audio taper potentiometers (2 volume, 2 tone). Top of the line CTS pots! We do measure all pots and use higher values for the volume positions.

• 2 NOS (new old stock) Russian K40Y-9 PIO (paper-in-oil) tone capacitors. .015uF for the neck and .022uF for the bridge (you may request .022uF for the neck). Great sounding caps! Same as the Luxe caps except for the cosmetics.

• 50's style wiring.

• Switchcraft 3-way toggle switch with cream tip (or select an amber tip below).

• Switchcraft 1/4" output jack.

• Wiring diagram included.

Please note: CTS pots require a 3/8" hole (in the top of your guitar); most USA made guitars are drilled this way, however imported guitars often are not.

Switch Tip:
Neck Tone Cap:

Price: $87.00

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