Kluson Tuners (1956-1959) 3L3R [aged]

Aged Kluson Tuners (3L3R) for Gibson. Single Line, Single Row, Nickel with pearl colored plastic buttons. Kluson model #SD90SLN. Includes 6 tuners, 6 bushings, and 12 mounting screws. Great replacement for your vintage tuners or your Historic Les Paul or ES-335; just like the originals but with improved 15:1 tuning ratio. Bushing dimensions: 8.8mm (outside), 1/4" (inside).

Historically used on: 1956-1959 Gibson ES-175, 1956-1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 1959 Epiphone Crestwood Custom, 1959 Epiphone Broadway, 1958-1959 Gibson ES-335, 1958-1959 Gibson EDS-1275 Double 12/6 double neck (3 sets needed), 1958-1959 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin 6 string guitar/mandolin double neck (2 sets needed), 1959 Gibson EB-6, 1956-1959 Gibson J-160E, 1952-1959 Gibson J-185

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