Relic’ing Prices

Fender or Fender style guitar (bolt on neck) (complete–body, neck, all hardware, all plastic): $249
Gibson or Gibson style (set neck) guitar (complete–body, neck, all hardware, all plastic): $349
Fender neck only: $69 (add $19 for maple fretboard)
Fender body only: $89
Fender hardware only (tuners, string tree(s), bridge, Strat trem assembly/bar, Tele control plate/knobs/pickup cover): $35
Fender plastic only (pickguard, knobs, switch tip, whammy bar tip, pickup & trem covers): $29
Gibson hardware only (tuners, bridge, tailpiece, pickup covers, screws): $39
Gibson all plastic (tuner tips, knobs, pickguard, back plates): $25
Guitar Case: $99
Amplifier (tolex, grill cloth, hardware, faceplate, etc):$99

Return shipping to you at actual cost (TBD).

Please note: we only relic guitars finished in nitrocellulose lacquer (nitro). If your guitar has a polyurethane (poly) finish, see the finishing page for pricing.