Relic’ing Prices

Fender or Fender style guitar (bolt on neck) (complete–body, neck, all hardware, all plastic): $279
Gibson or Gibson style (set neck) guitar (complete–body, neck, all hardware, all plastic): $349
Fender neck only: $59 (add $19 for maple fretboard)
Fender body only: $79
Fender hardware only (tuners, string tree(s), bridge, Strat trem assembly/bar, Tele control plate/knobs/pickup cover): $49
Fender plastic only (pickguard, knobs, switch tip, whammy bar tip, pickup & trem covers): $29
Gibson hardware only (tuners, bridge, tailpiece, pickup covers, screws): $49
Gibson all plastic (tuner tips, knobs, pickguard, back plates): $25
Guitar Case: $99
Amplifier (tolex, grill cloth, hardware, faceplate, etc):$99

Return shipping to you at actual cost (TBD).

DISCOUNT: 15% off relic’ing cost if we are also FINISHING the guitar.

Please note: we only relic guitars finished in nitrocellulose lacquer (nitro). If your guitar has a polyurethane (poly) finish, see the finishing page for pricing. Also, we do not age CHROME plated parts (only nickel or gold). If your guitar has all chrome hardware, we can provide vintage correct nickel (or gold) replacement parts.