All finishes are done with nitrocellulose lacquer. Pricing below are for finishes we will be relic’ing (we do NOT do “new” finishes).

  • Set neck guitar (Les Paul, SG, ES series, etc., includes pore filler): $549
  • Bolt on neck guitar (Strat, Tele, etc.): $399 (add $19 if pore filler is needed–Ash, etc.; add $25 for maple fretboard)
  • Fender style body: $319 (add $19 if pore filler is needed–Ash, etc.)
  • Fender style neck: $89 (add $19 for maple fretboard)
  • Strip existing nitro finish: $45
  • Strip existing poly finish: $55 (only Fender poly–we no longer strip Epiphone poly)