Our goal is to achieve realistic vintage style aging: weather checking, fading, finish wear, plastic yellowing, etc. It is an artistic process guided by the knowledge of how particular guitars wear over time.

We only work with guitar bodies and necks finished in nitrocellulose lacquer (nitro). If your body or neck is finished in polyurethane (poly), we can refinish it in nitro (see pricing below).

Relicing Prices

Fender or Fender style guitar (bolt on neck) (complete–body, neck, all hardware, all plastic): $299
Gibson or Gibson style (set neck) guitar (complete–body, neck, all hardware, all plastic): $399
Fender neck only: $99
Fender body only: $149
Fender hardware only (tuners, string tree(s), bridge, Strat trem assembly/bar, Tele control plate/knobs/pickup cover): $49
Fender plastic only (pickguard, Strat knobs, control switch tip, whammy bar tip, Strat pickup & trem covers): $49
Gibson hardware only (tuners, bridge, tailpiece, pickup covers, screws): $49
Gibson all plastic (tuner tips, knobs, pickguard, back plates): $49
Return shipping to you at actual cost (TBD).

Finish work (performed in conjunction with a relic job)

Strip/prep Fender body: $65
Strip/prep Fender neck: $25
Strip/prep Gibson body and neck: $99
Finish Fender body (nitro): $299
Finish Fender neck (nitro): $75
Finish Gibson body and neck (nitro): $799

note: please allow several weeks for finish work to allow for drying time between coats.

Other work (performed in conjunction with a relic job)

Refret (your choice of fretwire size): $299
Replace stock rosewood fretboard (Gibson Les Paul) with Brazilian Rosewood fretboard: $ CONTACT us