ABR-1 Bridge Vintage Spec for Gibson [aged]

Vintage Relic aged ABR-1 No Wire Non-wire Tune-O-Matic Bridge; nickel; for Gibson Les Paul ES-335 SG Standard Historic Custom Shop 1959 1958 1960 Burst 1956 1957 Goldtop.

Includes bridge, vintage correct THIN thumbwheels, and posts. Saddles are brass. Standard 2.875" post spacing. 12" radius. These are brand new, recently aged distressed relic'd by us for a 1950s 1960s vintage look. These are great bridges on par with Gibson Historic spec. Very lightweight, too!

Pictures show a "medium" relic; if you prefer "light" or "heavy" please select below.

Aging Level:

Price: $62.00

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