Humbucker Covers (pair) Nickel [aged]

Humbucker covers for vintage Gibson PAF style pickups. Nickel (pair). Aged.

Polepice spacing is vintage spec 1-15/16" (49.2 mm)--both neck and bridge. Will fit many Gibson humbuckers and most vintage style humbucker pickups like Seymour Duncan, Throbak, Sheptone, Fralin, Wolfetone, Bare Knuckles, Wizz, Lollar, etc. Measure your polepiece spacing or check with manufacturer for your exact model!

NOTE: LIGHT relic is uniform aging (no string ghost lines); MEDIUM relic is similar to stock photo (string ghost lines); HEAVY has less shine to nickel (string ghost lines). Send a message for a custom order.

Aging Level:

Price: $39.00

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