Fender Strat “57 Heaven”

Fender Stratocaster '57 Heaven' [SOLD]

Fender Stratocaster Vintage Relic '57 Heaven.' Fender USA body with thin nitro gloss finish (vintage 2-tone sunburst) and Fender  reissue neck (maple fretboard 7.25' radius, vintage size frets with NO fretwear, tinted nitro finish); Fender Custom Shop '54 pickups; Fender wiring harness/5 way switch (vintage style--all cloth wiring); Fender hardware; Fender 57 reissue tweed hardshell case. It has undergone a complete aging relicing: weather checking throughout the body and neck, dings, scratches, arm wear, belt buckle wear, fretboard wear, etc. All finish is thin nitro; all hardware and plastic aged relic'd.  Looks and feels like a late 1950s Strat! Lightweight at just 7.1 pounds! Plays great and these Custom Shop '54 pickups are articulate and punchy--bell-like cleans and can really sing with some distortion. Setup with D'Addario EXL120 strings (.009-.042).


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