Strat: K40Y-9 NOS .047uF

Vintage Relic Stratocaster pre-wired upgrade harness (Russian K40Y-9 NOS .047 uF cap). A very economical way to improve the tone of your Strat!  Hear what you've been missing from your single coils!

• 3 Fender CTS 250k short split shaft audio taper pots (1 volume, 2 tone). We do measure all pots and use higher values for the volume position.

• Fender 5-way control switch (white switch tip included). Can be wired with a 3-way switch (select option below).

• Russian NOS K40Y-9 .047 uF  paper-in-oil tone capacitor. TONE!!

• Cloth vintage style 22 ga vintage style push back wire.

• Vintage Strat wiring (master volume, tone 1 for neck pickup, tone 2 for middle pickup). We can wire tone control for the bridge pickup, in addition to or instead of the middle pickup (select option below).

• Mounted on a Fender '57 aluminum control shield.

• Wiring diagram included.

Tone Control Wiring:

Price: $55.00

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