Tele: 4-way K40Y-9 .047uF

Vintage Relic Telecaster pre-wired upgrade harness (4-way switch, K42Y-2 .047 uF cap). A very economical way to improve the tone of your Tele!  Hear what you've been missing from those single coils!

  • CTS 250k solid shaft pots +10% tolerance. We measure each pot and use ones with higher readings for the volume pots (275k+).
  • 4-way control switch. Black plastic switch tip included.
  • 1 NOS PIO (paper-in-oil) tone capacitor. New old stock Russian .047uF 160V K42Y-2 capacitor. We add cloth shielding to the terminals to prevent a "ground out." These are GREAT sounding caps. TONE!!
  • All cloth vintage style 22 ga push back wire.
  • "4 way" Tele wiring. 1 volume control, 1 tone control. 4 way switch with:
    Position 1 bridge pickup (standard Tele)
    Position 2 bridge & neck pickups in Parallel (standard Tele)
    Position 3 neck pickup (standard Tele)
    Position 4 bridge & neck pickups in Series (fatter tone than Position 2 and more output than Positions 1,2, or 3)
  • Switchcraft output jack pre-soldered.
  • Fender wiring diagram and instructions included; please follow closely and note that "the ground must be lifted from the rhythm pickup cover..." (to reduce hum). If you are not 100% comfortable doing this, we recommend using a qualified tech. (or live with the possible 60 cycle hum). 

Price: $59.00

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